Mailchimp Review: Is This Email Service Provider Right For You And Your Business

What is Mailchimp, and what can it do for your business

Mailchimp is an automation platform and email marketing service for managing mailing lists and creating email marketing campaigns to send to customers. Email marketing lets you connect with your customers, engage with them, and build meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

Email marketing is a very effective channel. The current calculated average of ROI is $38 for each $1 spent, proving that it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business. With Mailchimp’s Marketing Platform, you can integrate your list and designs with their drag-and-drop editor. You can also schedule posts and social media messages to maximize the impact of your email marketing campaign.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive email marketing service that makes it easy to create successful campaigns for business owners and marketers, Mailchimp is worth your consideration. With over 11 million active customers and a 60% share of the email industry, Mailchimp is one of the most popular email service providers (ESPs) available today.

Mailchimp offers pre-designed email templates and a drag and drops email builder with built-in email analytics. You can also import your known contacts or build your email list with a form. What is more, suppose you’re looking to generate revenue from your email marketing campaigns. In that case, Mailchimp offers product recommendations that can help you achieve that goal.

Who uses Mailchimp?

If you have a business, you need to be using email marketing. It is the most direct and cost-effective way to engage with customers one-to-one. But suppose your goal for email marketing is to grow your customer list rather than just keep in contact with your existing customer base. In that case, Mailchimp might not be the best solution for you.

Mailchimp has made an effort to simplify email marketing for small businesses, but sometimes the basic service is not enough. They have a great community of users, though. Many people have created their integrations with Mailchimp to get your desired functionality if you don’t see exactly what you need.

Most Prominent Benefits of MailChimp

One significant benefit that sets Mailchimp apart from other email marketing tools is its ease of use. Mailchimp is easy to use to get started without looking for help elsewhere. You can use Mailchimp to create professional-looking emails without being a graphic designer or knowing how to code. With the drag and drop email builder and the pre-designed email templates, you can have your campaign created in no time. The other chief benefit of Mailchimp is a robust feature set.

You can take advantage of the following features to help you achieve your business goals:

  • Responsive email designs – Your email will look great whether it’s opened on mobile or desktop.
  • Automated email campaigns – You can create automated emails based on what you know about your customer.
  • Email content creation – Mailchimp allows you to add images, videos, and GIFs to your emails to make them more attractive.
  • Email follow-up options – You can create a sequence of emails automatically sent to a contact based on their actions or inaction.
  • Email lists – You can build separate lists for different campaigns or groups of contacts.
  • Social sharing – Your customers can share your emails on social media from right inside the email.

In addition to these key benefits, you also get the following features for free with your Mailchimp account:

  • A/B testing allows you to test out different email formats without sending them to your entire list.
  • Custom integration – Mailchimp has a vast selection of third-party integrations, from sales to CRM.
  • Advanced segmentation – You can create detailed segments based on email campaigns to location, gender, and time of day.

There are also several more minor but useful features that you’ll find in Mailchimp. Such as tracking email opens and bounce rates, adding your Gmail account to Mailchimp, and integrating with Google Drive.

Mailchimp: The Good

  • Intuitive and straightforward interface – Mailchimp has a clean, simple interface that makes it easy for new users to familiarize themselves with this platform. Advanced features are hidden in the submenu, which can sometimes be confusing.
  • Ideal for beginners – Mailchimp offers many free starter training and videos online on how to get started with Mailchimp.
  • Segmentation – Mailchimp’s segmentation feature takes basic audience segmentation and makes it easy to pull off. Through their advanced segmentation feature, you can create more targeted, precise, and relevant campaigns based on a set of combinations such as purchase activity, gender, age range, and more.
  • A/B testing – While most email service providers offer A/B testing. Mailchimp lets you test multiple content variations in the higher plans and provides a complete breakdown of the performance of each combination to understand which permutations and combinations attracted clicks.

Mailchimp: The Bad

  • Affordable only in the short-term
  • Limited automation features
  • Limited customer support

While you have access to their Knowledge Base, there will be instances when you will require customer support – and that would need you to upgrade to paid plans. Even then, there is no phone support until the premium plan.

So, is MailChimp the right email marketing service for you? With its intuitive and straightforward interface, affordable plans, and wide range of features, Mailchimp makes it easy for any business to get started with email marketing. Now, suppose this all just seems too overwhelming for you, and you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to email marketing. In that case, you can always hire a website design company to handle it for you.